Rainbow Room and Cover Girl

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“Rainbow Room”, another Midland innovation, achieved immediate success.

In Cabaret Style

Set against the background of a Manhattan skyline, this cabaret-style show provided glossy, sophisticated entertainment of night-club pattern.

The show was visited by leading stars of show-business, who were welcomed to the guest-spots by hostess Jean Morton. In addition to music, dancing and celebrity features, leaders of public and social life have been interviewed on topics of the day.

Young in Heart

A cheerful feature designed to meet the needs of the young in heart, “Cover Girl”, provided exceptional opportunities for young people to see, study and discuss the best contemporary styles, in music, song and dance.

It brought to Midland enthusiasts more than fifty famous recording artistes (including Adam Faith, Mike Preston, Cleo Laine, Mark Wynter, Matt Monroe and Billy Fury).

Each week the spotlight turned on a different Midland jazz group and six girls were chosen to appear so that viewers could select their “Cover Girl” of the week.

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