‘I’m getting three years is hard’

Top producer BRIAN TESLER shortly goes over to Associated TeleVision from the BBC with one of the most tempting contracts ever offered in this country

Val Parnell – Paladin of the Palladium

TVTimes interviews the man behind Sunday Night at the London Palladium

Girl behind the news

Meet the woman who sells dresses by day and reads the local ATV news by night in 1956

Brian Tesler makes his ITV bow

TVTimes announces ATV's latest poach from the BBC - a producer named Brian Tesler - in 1957

Shaw Taylor

Meet ATV's Shaw Taylor, former actor, continuity announcer and now host of 'Pencil and Paper' in 1962

Outside Broadcasts

Not everything comes from ATV's studios – sometimes the cameras go out and about

Alpha Television studios

Visit our site all about Alpha Television studios, the home of ATV and ABC in the Midlands 1956-1968