Midlands Montage


Audio of the new Midlands Montage music package by Johnny Pearson in 1974

It’s 1974 and the prospect of competition from the new BRMB looms, so ATV decides to refresh their look and sound. Out goes ‘Sir Lew Grade March’ and in comes Johnny Pearson’s ‘Midlands Montage’ (first item), along with a mostly unused suite of jingles, beds and replacements for the ‘Zoom 2’ ident.

The beds in the above collection were designed to be used to replace the existing fanfare on ATV’s Zoom 2 ident. Here we’ve used the Zoom 2 vision with one of the cuts to see how that would look and sound…

Here’s the main ‘Midlands Montage’ theme in use on ATV on Monday 18 May 1981, with Stewart White doing the authority announcement on tape and Mike Prince doing the continuity.

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