This Exciting, Medium

An introduction to ATV Midlands


The Midlands Controller welcomes you to ATV

Associated TeleVision Limited

Who are ATV Midlands?

The way ahead

Why restricted broadcasting hours must go, especially in the Midlands

Shaw Taylor

Meet ATV's Shaw Taylor, former actor, continuity announcer and now host of 'Pencil and Paper' in 1962

The Mogul

Jack Tinker profiles Lew Grade and his role in setting up ATV

Take note of Pamela

A profile of Pamela Duncan, host of the ad mag Take A Note

Sound and vision

⧉ Over on the main Transdiffusion site, watch a recreation of ATV London starting the day in 1964

Weekend routine

A look behind the scenes at ATV London's last Saturday

They keep you in the picture

ATV's continuity announcers and newsreaders in 1963

Dear Olive…

ATV's Olive Hennessy draws a deep breath and replies to Transdiffusion *again* in 1965

Alpha Television studios

Visit our site all about Alpha Television studios, the home of ATV and ABC in the Midlands 1956-1968

Goodbye Aston, hello Broad Street

Joan Palmer hands over from Aston to Mike Prince at the Paradise Centre

It's a tough life being a Saint

Ian Ogilvy discusses his fear of fame as he completes a series of the Return of the Saint in 1978

A Golden Hour

ATV responds to accusation that their programming is too light with a heavy hour of peak-time arts in 1963

Happy birthday! to 'Seeing Sport'

The TVTimes welcomes the second series of ATV's 'Seeing Sport' in 1957

Games people play with Monkhouse

Bob Monkhouse talks about his history of game shows as he prepares for a series of Celebrity Squares in 1975

How Noele Gordon takes the air

Noele Gordon learns to fly for an ATV Midlands series

It’s the Muppet Show

Meet the stars of ATV's wacky new variety series