She Likes People


Introducing Patricia Cox, Midland newsreader

In the Midlands, news means Patricia Cox. “The newscaster who always ends with a smile” — a viewer’s tribute — has won a warm corner in the affections of our audience.

For over five years Birmingham-born Pat has brought information about wide-ranging life and interests of the Midlands and of events grave and gay. She has a flair for news and a remarkable sense of timing in its presentation and emphasis.

Her composure and smiling greeting each evening immediately after the first national news bulletin show nothing of the excitement and streamlined organisation that lie behind the preparation of a newscast as it is brought up-to-the-second with news contributed by staff reporters, interviewers and correspondents in all parts of the Midland counties.

Pat has logged nearly 1,500 news bulletins and her enthusiasm is undiminished. Her zest for news is shown when she goes on interviewing assignments for Midland Montage.

“When I am away from the studio the pleasantest part of my job is interviewing people”, she says. “I’m lucky, for people know me from ‘Midlands News’ and there’s always a welcome. I go to social events of all kinds, yet, as time goes on, I’m still astonished that so many should greet me as a friend. It’s very pleasant, and such convincing proof of the impact of television on the lives of us all”.

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'ATV the Midlands' is a promotional brochure produced by ATV in Birmingham in 1963

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