Lunch Box Visits a Stately Home


The Duke of Bedford takes over Lunch Box

The Duke of Bedford scored a big hit as a television performer when he did a week’s duty as “Lunch Box” host while Noele Gordon was on holiday.

He took over when Noele and Jerry Allen’s “gang” went to Woburn Abbey, best known of England’s stately homes, to present the show as an outside broadcast. The vast Abbey provided a fine backcloth for a performance on the terraces, watched by a crowd of 6,000 visitors. The Duke soon proved his skill as host—and vocalist!

He paid ATV this tribute :

“Everyone was so friendly and helpful that the week was a pleasure as well as a duty. How I admire the ‘Lunch Box’ gang, the producers and technical staff! If I get a chance to come back I shall certainly take it”.

…before, with Roy Edwards, she set off on a stage coach tour of the Woburn grounds.

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